Member Firms – Partnership Model For Your Issuance Journey

For issuance opportunities on the GRID, those potential issuers must seek out a Member Firm. Member Firms are a collection of advisory, investment and blockchain experts, perfectly positioned to guide projects to reach their funding potential.

Member Firms are a core part of the GSX Group capital markets ecosystem, they represent and support issuers within the GSX Group capital markets ecosystem, for fund and debt listings on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange, virtual assets on GBX (the Global Blockchain Exchange), and digital security issuance on the GRID.

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Our Member Firms

Exponential Capital & Markets Inc

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Exponential Capital & Markets Inc

Exponential is a global digital financial firm, providing access to a fully-integrated social impact venture capital fund, investment bank, and stock exchange. With offices in New York, Toronto and Montreal, we are the world’s first fully-integrated solution to quickly move investments from seed stage (Ventures) to growth-stage capital and advisory (Capital) to digital security offering and exchange trading (Markets).