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GRID creates and deploys Smart Securities in tokenised digital form. Issuers gain access to the GSX Group STACS Native Network, a blockchain protocol designed for finance, by finance, to increase efficiencies and reduce costs and time frames, in an institutional and innovative manner.

  • Multiple unique features: including digital security issuance and distribution, Interoperability and Fractional Ownership
  • Seamless allocation of digital securities, eliminating intermediaries and improving speed-to-market in a fully compliance environment
  • ‘End-to-End’ immutable trusted transactions and record keeping with immutable Register of Members

GRID Solution

  • Fluidity: GRID enables issuers to seamlessly manage issuance
  • Efficiency: The technology removes legacy middlemen and intermediaries improves the speed of distribution to reduce unnecessary administrative processes and overheads
  • Immutable: Immutable record of transactions and ownership
  • Smart Contracts: Smart contracts enforce rules, and investor jurisdiction and categorisation distribution and holding requirements

More Opportunities

GRID is a member of Digital Markets. Digital Markets offers additional services to Issuers including listing on the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. In time, subject to licensing and regulatory permissions, Digital Markets intends to launch a trading platform for Smart Securities.

  • List on a recognised stock exchange
  • List on a dedicated Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF) for global reach
  • Admission for trading on a digital security secondary trading platform (subject to licensing and regulatory permissions)

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